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Grapple Bucket For MT Series
 Grab and hold onto the toughest materials with the industrial grapple attachment.


Built for maximum power and reliability, the industrial grapple delivers easy handling of hard-to-manage materials in the industrial or construction setting. The two-arm design of larger industrial grapples provides strong, even biting force. With hydraulic controls, it’s easy to operate and can securely handle bulky or uneven loads.



Operating Weight     365 lbs          

Length                     32.2 in 

Width                          36 in

Height                      29.5 in

Grapple Width            36 in

Open Height            41.3 in

Open Lenght            38.1 in

Closed Height          29.5 in

Closed Length         32.2 in           



Product Website

Model : 7135737
Daily Rate: $65.00
Weekly Rate: $225.00
Monthly Rate: $565.00