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Ramset 25 Caliber Red Metal Disc Loads
  • 10 loads per disc
  • 10 disc per box
  • Power level is designated by the load level number marked on each box; also by the color of the box and each powder load.
  • As the number increases, the power level increases.
  • ITW Ramset powder loads and tools match tolerances to provide optimum power within recognized national velocity standards.
  • Use with D45/D45A and AutoFast

Always test-fasten with the lowest power level for your tool. If more power is necessary, use the next highest power level until proper level and fastening is achieved. Refer to operator's manual for more specific details. Observe all safety reminders. Tool operators must be trained and qualified as required by federal law. Failure to use properly can result in serious injury or death to users or bystanders.

Powder Actuated Tool Licensing Exam

Model : 5D45
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