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Van Mark Coil Dispenser™ with Stand
Coil Dispenser™ is one accessory that keeps paying for itself over and over. No unraveling coils and no wind damage are just two features that make this tool a must have for anyone in the trade. Coil Dispenser™ sets up fast and allows materials to be fed directly into most brakes, saw tables and slitters. Coil Dispenser™ works with QuickScore™ and TrimCutter™ for fast processing of materials down to desired lengths.
  • Quickly sets up on the job site where you need it
  • No unraveling of trim coil
  • Works with TrimCutter™ to allow material to be cut to length
  • The Coil Dispenser™ comes free standing, unattached from the brake to make it easier to use and versatile with any brake.
  • Trim coil will rest on two non-marring rollers and be secured by a quick-release tension roller. Non-marring rollers will restrict damage on material as it is being fed through the Coil Dispenser™
  • Trim coils secured on a Coil Dispenser are protected from wind damage and unraveling.
  • Made in USA
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Model : CD24
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