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Gar-Bro 3/4 Yard Concrete Bucket
  • 20.3 Level capacity cu. ft.
  • 44" loading height
  • 45" inside diameter
  • All "R-Series" Buckets listed above use optional item 409 Accordion Hopper. 
  • Optional 1/4 yard Extension Collars available for "G" and "R" series buckets.
  • Optional 1/2 yard Extension Collars available for 1 yard and larger "R" series buckets.
  • Optional forklift pockets available for all "R" series buckets.
  • Optional item GAR-4 grouting attachment available.
  • Download Specifications and Dimensions PDF file
  • Download Parts List PDF File
  • 330 lbs weight
Model : 420R
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