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SpecChem RevCrete Coarse Concrete Resurfacing Mortar - 40 Lb. Bag
 REVCRETE is a one-component, polymer modified concrete
repair / resurfacing mortar for smoothing, resurfacing,
and restoring concrete surfaces.
REVCRETE offers superior durability for all interior and
exterior concrete applications. REVCRETE is available
in 2–formulations;
RevCrete-Fine is blended with fine sands for a smoother
finish on repairs from a feather to 1/2”.
RevCrete-Coarse is blended fine/coarse sands for a
broom finish on repairs from 1/8” to 1.5”.

Surface Preparation: The concrete must be sound and
free of all foreign material, including oil, grease, dust, laitance
or other surface contaminants. All surfaces to be
repaired should be high pressure water blasted to produce
an open rough surface profile. Surface must be
misted/pre-dampened with water in a saturated-surfacedry
(SSD) condition with no standing water on the surface.

Mixing: Mix by hand or with a low speed drill. Add recommended
amount of water into the container, followed
by slowly adding the REVCRETE powder. Suggested
water addition for REVCRETE is approximately 4 to 5
pints per 40 LB bag (10.4% -13.0% by weight) depending
on desired consistency. Mix 2-3 minutes. Mix only what
can be applied within the 25 minute working time. Do not
mix longer than 3 minutes. Do not over water, over mix
or retemper.
Placement: When placing with a trowel, broom or squeegee,
it maybe necessary to use pressure to force
REVCRETE into cracks, voids and honey-combed areas.
REVCRETE retains its moisture and will spread easily.
For deep applications, apply in layers and allow five to six
hours between applications. Allow the moisture to leave
the surface and allow the RevCrete to stiffen before applying
the final finish and texture. Extreme weather conditions
should be avoided, especially heat and wind.
REVCRETE may be spray applied with a hopper gun

Curing: REVCRETE will reach its final cure in twentyfour
hours. Protect from rain or excess water until cured.

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