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SpecChem SpecStrip Reactive Form Release Agent 5 Gallon
SPECSTRIP is a chemically active release agent specially engineered to positively prevent bonding of the concrete to forms and form liners.

SPECSTRIP contains no waxes or silicones.

Improves release of formwork
Reduces concrete buildup on formwork and liners
Reduces cleaning of formwork
Protects formwork against rust
Leaves no residue, stain or discoloration

SPECSTRIP meets V.O.C. emission requirements for form releases (EPA limit < 450 g/L).
  • V.O.C. content <250 g/L
  • Corps of Engineers CEGS-03300, Section 10.8 Form Coating
  • Navy Dock and Piers 56359
SPECSTRIP should not be used as a bond breaker in tilt up construction.

Storage: Store material in the original tightly closed containers. Do not allow the accumulation of water, dirt or other contaminants.

Coverage: Ready to use. Do not dilute. Form surfaces should be clean of dirt, rust, scale and concrete build up prior to application. Spray application of SPECSTRIP is recommended with coverage as follows:

Steel, Plastic, Fiberglass 2000 sq ft/gal
Conditioned Aluminum 2000 sq ft/gal
HDO Plywood 2000 sq ft/gal
MDO Plywood 1500 sq ft/gal
Dimensional Lumber 1000 sq ft/gal
BB Grade Plywood 1000 sq ft/gal
Actual application rates depend on the porosity of form surface.

SPECSTRIP should be spray applied using an atomizing or misting spray tip so that application may be in thin uniform films to maximize product performance and economy. Over-application will not produce better results and may cause dusting.

Excess material or puddles should be removed with a squeegee and absorbent rags.

When properly applied, SPECSTRIP will not leave any residue or stain on the concrete, producing a smooth, architectural concrete surface ready for subsequent coatings. Coating manufacturer’s recommendations for surface preparations must be followed.

Sprays easily in cold temperatures. Proper application substantially reduces concrete surfaces voids and extends the life of wood forms.

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Model : SSTRIP5
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