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EPRO Ecoline-T Waterproofing Mastic 1 Gallon

 Basic Use:

  • ECOLINE-T is designed to be a waterproof repair material for a variety of surfaces including concrete (uncured), block, wood, and metal and for a variety of applications including decks, walls (both negative and positive side) and water retainment structures.
  • ECOLINE-T is used in conjunction with mesh or mat material for repairing cracks, joints and spalled areas.
  • It may be used as a waterproofing adhesive for protection/insulation board or file and as a base coat for other water-based surface wearing products.


  • ECOLINE-T is a high-viscosity mastic-like material comprised of waterbased bituminous/asphalt emulsion modified with liquid synthetic polymerized rubber and fillers, which exhibits exceptional bonding, strength, spanning, and build characteristics when used in conjunction with reinforcing materials such as fiberglass mesh in multiple layers.


  • Superior waterproofing repair material
  • Non hazardous, non-toxic, and non-flammable (VOC compliant)
  • Excellent spanning and build
  • Good tensile strength
  • Exceptional bonding
  • Not affected by ponded water


  • Should be applied to clean and dry surfaces
  • Adjacent areas and surfaces should be protected from contact with the product
  • Should be applied above 40OF
  • A test area should always be done to verify compatibility of substrate with product
  • Solvent-based products should not be applied over this product
Model : ELT001
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