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Steel Dog Stacking Clip
  • The HC-150 Stacking Clip is a thin, strong, steel clip for joining 1-1/8" plywood panels to 1-1/2" lumber.
  • It's an inexpensive way to add inches to your forms. Just slip one clip over the top of each form panel, then slide a length of "2 by" onto the top.
  • Nail holes provided to secure the clip to plywood and board.
  • Strips easily.
  • Stacking Clips are a great way to maximize an investment in 8 ft panels, providing a quick and inexpensive way to pour up to 8 ft 11 in walls without investing in new wall panels.
  • When used on the top of 6-bar forms (or other forms where the top panel bar is within 8 inches of the top), generally only the top of the planks will have to be tied together.
  • On 4-bar forms, Steel Dog Stacking Spreaders are a fast way to prevent both the top and bottom of the planks from spreading.

HC-150 Stacking Clup used on forms

HC-150 Used for end to end forming next to a wall


Other Uses

  • Stacking Clips can be used to make temporary filler panels on the spot from 1-1/2” lumber (or use HC-112’s and 1-1/8” plywood.)
  • As shown on the right, joining up to an existing wall sometimes requires a scribed board to match an uneven surface.Use HC’s to join a 2x4 or 2x6 to the first form panels. Cut board to match adjoining surface. Secure ties at joint between first form panel and the temporary filler with ST-100 Half Clips.
  • Use the same technique to make panel-to-panel fillers in the middle of a wall to get exactly the width you want, or to cut for wall pass-throughs.


Model : HC-150
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