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Steel Dog Panel Clip
  • The HC-112 is just like the HC-150 Stacking Clip, except that it joins 1-1/8" to 1-1/8" panels.
  • Like the HC-150, it is a thin, strong clip and is used primarily for adding extra height to your form panels.
  • A common use of the HC-112 is as an aid to setting standard narrow filler panels horizontally on the top of a wall of form panels.
  • By using the filler panels' swing latches on one side, and half clips on the other, standard wall ties can be used to tie the wall at the joint between the fillers and the normal wall panels.
  • This is particularly useful for stacking with 4-bar panels, where the top tie location (on 8 ft panels) is 22" from the top.
Model : HC-112
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