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Steel Dog 4" Waler with Wedge
  • The slotted end of the versatile WBW slips over a hex shoulder bolt anywhere on a 1-1/8" form panel.
  • The rounded-corner wedge securely tightens a 2 x 4 wedge against the plywood form panel.
  • When used on the top bar of 6-bar forms, the WBW is a slick alternative to the Top Waler Clamp: easier to set up and strip, it also leaves the top of the forms free of obstructions for easier concrete pouring and finishing.
  • When used with 4- or 5-bar panels, the WBW can hold a mid-wall waler when stacking panels for high walls.

WBW-4 On forms cross section

WBW-4 In use on wall overview  WBW-4 In use on wall closeup

Model : WBW-4
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