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Steel Dog Rebar Hook

Universal connector for 1/2" coil rod to rebar

  • Connects 1/2" coil rod to up to #6 rebar
  • No extra hardware required for attachment
  • Low labor cost: fast connection is quickly made with gloved hands
  • Fits in tight spaces: little clearance around rebar needed for attachment
  • Connects anywhere along length of rebar
  • Welded to rigorous standards using computer-controlled equipment
  • Use with Transition Ties™ for Stay-Form® blindside walls
  • 1800 lbs. Safe Working Load (2-to-1 safety factor)

The Steel Dog® RH-6 Rebar Hook is a multipurpose coupler for making a fast field connection between 1/2" coil rod and rebar up to #6 in size. A simple "push and twist" action is all that is needed to make the connection; the coil rod itself keeps the Rebar Hook in place on the rebar.

One of the most common uses, shown below, is using the RH with a Steel Dog® Transition Tie™ to make a low-cost, adjustable-length tie for forming Stay-Form® blindside walls with a variety of different handset form panels.

Model : RH6
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