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Grip Rite 2-1/2" Primeguard Plus Coated Deck Screw 5 lb.
  • Bugle head coarse thread
  • Combo drive
  • Type 17 point
  • Green color
  • Approximately 435 screws per carton
  • One bit included in box.
  • Features a proprietary polymer coating that protects the fastener against corrosive elements.
  • Lifetime guarantee against rust and corrosion, including when used with treated lumber
  • These fasteners are not approved for projects using redwood or cedar, for marine projects, or within 5 miles of coastline. Only stainless are recommended for these projects.
  • For exterior applications, including decks, siding, gazebos, and playsets.
  • Countersinking bugle head prevents heads from popping out, leaves smooth finish.
  • Type 17 point reduces need to pre-drill boards. Refer to wood manufacturers' instructions, as some pre-drilling may still be required, even with type 17 screw point.
Model : P212S5
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