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Dayton Superior 55 Gallon MODOT J11WD Resin Cure with Dye
Resin Cure with Dye J11WD is an all resin, dissipating water-based curing compound containing a fugitive dye.

  • Water based
  • Meets ASTM C-309
  • Approved by numerous state highway departments
  • Clean-up with water
  • Dissipating Resin Cure
  • Contains a red fugitive dye

A ready-to-use dissipating water-based resin curing compound for use on freshly finished horizontal and vertical concrete surfaces. Resin Cure with Dye J11WD is formulated to provide an effective curing membrane that will begin to dissipate after exposure to sunlight, weathering and/or traffic.

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Model : J11WD
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