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Conspec 5 Gallon W. B. Resin Cure - Clear
  • Clear Resin Cure is a water-based, resin, liquid membrane forming curing compound for freshly finished concrete.
  • Clear Resin Cure forms a continuous membrane that controls moisture loss for strong and durable concrete.
  • Clear Resin Cure is formulated to comply with Federal V.O.C content limits.


Applied to fresh concrete, Clear Resin Cure forms a vapor sealing membrane which retains more than 95% of the reactive moisture for three or more days. Clear Resin Cure may be applied on interior, exterior, horizontal, or vertical surfaces. Specially designed for use on exterior commercial projects, such as highways, residential paving, airport runways, concrete lined canals, dams, parking lots, engineering projects and as specified.
MSDS and Tech Data sheets available upon request
Model : 1391681
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