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Conspec 50 LB. Conspec 100 Non-shrink Grout
A high performance, non-shrink, precision grout designed for a wide range of consistencies from damp pack to high fluidity. Meets the most demanding job conditions with an extended work-time providing maximum fluidity and high strength. 100 Non-Shrink, Non-Metallic Grout is a blend of Portland Cement, specially blended aggregates and cementitious agents, and can be easily pumped.
Recommended for precision grouting of machinery bases, structural grouting of steel and precast columns, anchor bolts, dowels, crane rails, and handrails which require nonshrink, high fluidity, high strength performance.
  • Corp of Engineers CRD C-621
  • ASTM C-1107. Grade A,B, & C
  • Extended work-time for easy placement
  • Holds up to industrial machinery vibration and impact
  • Highly fluid and self-leveling for easy placement
  • High strength for fast equipment turn around
  • No chlorides
  • Positive expansion for maximum bearing
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete and steel
Place continuously and quickly. Start from one side to avoid air entrapment. Be sure grout fills all spaces and remains in contact with plate. 100 Non-Shrink, Non- Metallic Grout will remain workable for 30-40 minutes at 70ºF(21.1°C). For damp packing, rod from one side to opposite side.
MSDS and Tech Data sheets available upon request
Model : 139100
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