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RJD SuperTie Fiberglass Rod .308" x 20' Gray
The SuperTie, Fiberglass Formtie System, is used to secure concrete formwork during concrete placement and initial hydration, with a formtie system that does not have the inherent limitations of previously popular steel formtie systems. The SuperTie system eliminates the possibility of rust stains and deterioration of the structure that is often caused by failure of patching for steel formtie holes.
  • Ultimate tensile strength 6,000 lbs. (3,000 lb. swl at 2:1 safety factor)
  • Superior architectural finishes, without patches or rust.
  • The fiberglass formtie material cannot rust, eliminating the need to have a breakback, and subsequent plugging & patching to forestall rust.
  • Certified testing, and actual experience show the cast in place formtie material to be watertight to up to 480' H2O (208 psig)
  • The formtie material is electromagentically transparent, is an electrical insulator, will not promulgate radio frequency energy, and shields nuclear energy.
  • Saves dramatically on labor costs. Reduces form tie related costs as much as 70%.
  • "One size fits all jobs". Bulk lengths are cut to the working length at the job site.
  • All forms and form liners strip easily from the structure without damage from the ties
  • Rods can be made in any color: allow 4 weeks lead time.
  • All raw materials are products of and components are manufactured in the United States of America.
Model : 17117002
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