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Dee 12"x 10' 7 Pocket Flexible Form w/2 Lock Clamp
  • Concrete contractors use dee radius curb and gutter forms they need to place concrete in areas that require a curb and a gutter combination with a radius.
  • The dee radius curb and gutter forming systems consists of a back form, a radius face form , a radius front form, a division plate and a top spreader. Back and front forms are standard radius flatwork forms with the back form taller than the front form.
  • Radius curb and gutter forms are used primarily to form traffic barriers on the sides of streets, in parking lots, driveways, and roads and to direct water to sewers culverts or ditches. Water can be directed away from the curb (outflow) or towards the curb (inflow) dependent on the curb and gutter configuration.
  • dee radius curb and gutter forms can be fabricated to meet any specification.
  • They are available in variable heights from 4" to 24" in 10-foot sections.
  • dee radius curb and gutter profiles are determined by city, county or state specifications and can vary widely per application.
  • All flexible forms have seven (7) riveted stake pockets.
  • Forms 4" thru 7½" have 7 wedge pockets
  • Forms 8" thru 16" have 7 double wedge pockets
  • Forms 17" and higher have 2 rows of 7 double wedge pockets
Model : 12010
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