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Dee 12" x 10' 3 Pocket Straight Curb Face Form
  • dee straight curb and gutter forms are used primarily to form traffic barriers and direct water to sewers culverts or ditches.
  • Typical placements include: streets, parking lots, driveways and roadways.
  • Water can be directed away from the curb (out flow), or towards the curb (in flow) depending on the curb and gutter configuration.
  • dee straight curb and gutter forms are available in variable heights form 4" to 24" with either a 2" or 4" base.
  • Standard forms are manufactured in 10-foot lengths.
  • Self aligning noses and box ends
  • 10 gauge material
  • For use with either 3/4" or 7/8" stakes
Model : 120103
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