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Liquid Nails 28 oz. Subfloor & Deck Adhesive

A tough, weatherproof formula ideal for bonding most common building materials.

  • Liquid Nails® Subfloor & Deck Construction Adhesive, LN602 is a specially formulated weatherproof-grade adhesive for interior and exterior construction, offering easy cold weather gunning ability.
  • Penetrates wet, frozen and treated lumber.
  • Ideal for bonding common building materials to concrete, and can bridge gaps up to 3/8".
  • Recommended for increasing the structural integrity of wall, deck and subfloor systems using the following common building materials:
    • Lumber and treated lumber
    • Engineered lumber
    • Plywood
    • Particleboard
    • Waferboard
    • OSB
  • Not recomended for uses other than subfloor, deck and wall system installation, or underlayment directly to concrete without proper vapor barrier and fasteners.

Product Advantages

  • Eliminates squeaky floors*
  • Easy cold weather gunning formula
  • Bonds wet, frozen and treated lumber
  • Bonds composite materials
  • Interior & exterior
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Tough, durable and flexible
  • Exceeds ASTM D3498, APA-AFG-01, ASTM C-557
  • Conforms to HUD UM60a

*When applied as directed

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Model : 882501
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