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Husqvarna K950 Chain Saw With 14" Bar
  • 6.1 hp
  • 15" max cutting depth
  • Patented, dust-sealed starter unit, where the return spring and the pulley bearing are sealed. This makes the starter virtually maintenance free, giving a further boost to the reliability of our cutters.
  • EasyStart ensures 50% easier starting by reducing the compression in the cylinder during starting.
  • Self-lubricating clutch bearings for extended work life.
  • Easy to tension the chain without tools.
  • Our anti-vibration system reduces vibrations in the cutter handles, so they are more comfortable to hold and can be used for longer periods. To enable the user a comfortable operating position and to reduce strain, the distance between the handles is large. The handles and the short engine body mean the user always stands close to the machine, for easier handling and control.
  • Makes 15" (390mm) deep cuts from one side
  • Large spray guard
  • Specially designed hand protection
  • Active Air Filtration™ increases life of filters by 3-5 times
  • SmartCarb™ ensures high power is retained
  • Chain Sold Separately
Model : 968308101
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