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Rotary Tiller for MT Series
 Tear through clumps and hardened materials with the replaceable, double-edge tines. Till and mix the soil with compost materials to prepare the ground. Built for easy and efficient soil preparation, the tiller attachment quickly turns a backyard plot into a soil bed for gardening. Bi-directional operation allows for top-cutting and under-cutting in either direction. Offset mounting even allows for tilling next to sidewalks and buildings, maximizing the versatility of tiller operation.

Top Tasks


  • Tear through clumps and loosening soil
  • Mix compost, fertilizer, manure, and mulch into the soil
  • Add amendments to flower beds
  • Prepare land for planting
  • Remove weeds between rows
  • Till next to sidewalks, curbs, and buildings


  • Operating Weight: 475 lb
  • Length: 32.9 in
  • Width: 47.9 in
  • Height: 24.2 in
  • Working Depth: 6" Maximum
  • Drive: Direct Drive
  • Tine Rotation: Bi-rotational
  • Working Width: 40.6 in
  • Travel Direction: Forward/Reverse
  • Tines: 24
  • Flow Range Min: 9 gal/min
  • Flow Range Max: 18 gal/min

Product Website

Model : BOBCAT 7196028
Daily Rate: $75.00
Weekly Rate: $275.00
Monthly Rate: $745.00