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Husqvarna PG280 Single Disc Floor Grinder
PG 280 is a single disc floor grinder that you can quickly convert for edge grinding on both sides. It efficiently grinds adhesives, paint, epoxy and spackle. With a grinding width of 11 in. it is suitable for small to medium concrete areas.

Power - (110v)  2hp (1.49kW) 
Voltage -  110-120
Amps - 18
Power Supply - 1-Phase 
Gringing Width - 11 in 
Grinding Pressure - 77 lbs
Grinding Disc Speed - 1,160 rpm
Grinding Direction - Clockwise 
Weight - 154 lbs
Recommended Power Supply - 20 amp Dedicated 
Model : PG280
Daily Rate: $65.00
Weekly Rate: $225.00
Monthly Rate: $575.00