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#4 x 20' Fiberglass Rebar with Texture
  • CORROSION RESISTANCE – will not rust and is impervious to the action of salt ions, chemicals and the alkalinity inherent in concrete
  • LIGHTWEIGHT – weigh approximately one-quarter the weight of an equivalent size steel bar offering significant savings in both placement and use
  • ELECTROMAGNETIC NEUTRALITY – contains no metal, and will not interfere with the operation of sensitive electronic devices such as medical MRI units or electronic testing devices
  • THERMAL INSULATOR – highly efficient to resisting heat transfer Applications:
  • REINFORCED CONCRETE EXPOSED TO DEICING SALTS Parking structures. bridge decks Jersey banners; parapets curbs. retaining walls and foundations; roads and slabs on grade
  • STRUCTURES BUILT IN OR CLOSE TO SEA WATER Quays, retaining walls; piers jetties, caissons. decks; piles: bulkheads, floating structures canals, roads and buildings offshore platform ms: swimming pools and aquariums
  • Wastewater treatment plants, petrochemical plants, pulp paper mills. liquid gas plants pipelines' tanks for fossil fuel, cooling towers, chimneys, mining operations of various types, nuclear power and dump plants
  • APPLICATIONS REQUIRING ELECTROMAGNETIC NEUTRALITY Aluminum and copper smelting plants; manholes for electrical and telephone communication equipment bases for transmission telecommunication towers airport control towers magnetic resonance imaging in hospitals railroad crossing sites and specialized military structures.
  • TUNNELING / BORING APPLICATIONS Requiring Reinforcement of Temporary Concrete Structures; Structures including mining walls underground rapid transit structures and underground vertical shafts
  • WEIGHT SENSITIVE STRUCTURES Concrete construction in areas of poor load bearing soil conditions remote geographical locations sensitive environmental areas or active seismic sites posing special issues that the use of lightweight reinforcement will solve
  • THERMALLY SENSITIVE APPLICATIONS Apartment patio decks thermally insulated concrete housing and basements. thermally heated floors and conditioning rooms
Model : FRPRBR420
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