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TurfMaker Straw Blower Towable
Length: 108″
Operating Length: 108″
Width 60″
Weight 1,240lbs


 Power:  Kohler Twin Cylinder (22.5 HP)
Blower Fan: 16″
Wind Velocity 175 MPH Certified
Beater Chains: (8) Hardened
Discharge Cannon: 360-Degree Rotating
Hose Capacity: 100′ x 6″ Hose w/Coupling
Fuel Tank: 5 Gallon
Feed Tray: 24″ Wide, Folding
Capacity: 2-3 Bales per Minute

Trailer Mounted, the unit can be towed with a pickup, leaving more room in the bed of the truck for materials.

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Model : TGMI-T
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