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Nomaflex 1/2" Cutter For Expansion Joint

The newest addition to the Nomaflex joint filler system, the Nomaflex Cutter is an innovative scoring tool that enables installers to create a void when sealant is required, eliminating the need for a separate void cap system.

The easy-to-use Nomaflex Cutter enables concrete installers to trim Nomaflex expansion joint on the job site to create a 1/2” void for sealant.  

  • Simply align the Nomaflex expansion joint within the Cutter’s channel and pull the Cutter to score a tear strip.

  • Install Nomaflex and pour concrete.

  • Once the concrete cures, the tear strip is removed and the sealant is applied.

The Cutter is available in the same thicknesses as Nomaflex: 1/2”, 3/4” and 1”.


Model : NOMA CUTTER050
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