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Van Mark Trim-A-Table™ TAT50
Versatile panel and siding saw table to accurately various angles and pitches.

  • Dual Wing Supports make it easier to cut wider panels like soffit
  • Saw table extends up to 18’ for long vinyl or fiber cement pieces
  • Easy Portability: lightweight and sets up fast on any job site or in the shop. Durable aluminum components, along with stringent manufacturing controls ensure the longest service life of any saw table out there. Entire unit breaks down quickly for single-user portability and setup.
  • Recessed Saw Track with Quick “Drop-In” Feature: 5-foot boom allows for cuts as shallow as 2 ⁄ 12 pitch and has a recessed saw blade track which means you get full material support on both sides of the blade while never cutting through the table-top. For convenience, your saw can be “dropped” in place ready to go and just as easily removed for transport and stowage
  • Memory Stops: ensures accurate cuts with the built in protractor and pitch guide. Memory stops allow quick-change of the boom position without having to reset angle.
The Trim-A-Table™ 50 was the original siding saw table designed to accurately cut vinyl, fiber cement and many other siding materials. To make you faster and more efficient, we added material stops for desired length and memory stops for the desired angle ⁄ pitch. Whether you are cutting vinyl siding, soffit, or fiber cement, the Trim-A-Table™ 50 is the perfect piece of equipment to get your job done fast.
  • Easy to use controls with adjustments always in reach
  • Dual Table Extensions provide material support up to 18’ long.
  • Dual Scale Protractor that provides angles and pitches
  • Fully captures 7” - 8” circular saws
  • Table legs sold separately
  • Circular Saw not included
Model : TAT50
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