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Van Mark Trim-A-Brake II™
Entry-level Window, Siding, and Trim Bending Brake.
  • Bends up 130° with ease.
  • Lightweight and easy to transport.
  • Toggle-Lock System: Provides secure clamping pressure without “beating” the handle.
  • “I” Beam Base Rails: The solid and rigid base rails ensure the brake stay in calibration through use and transportation.
  • Anti-marring Vinyl Strip: Provides a cushion and helps alleviates material marring while bending.

Van Mark exists today because of the original Trim-A-Brake. Siding and roofing contractors became more efficient and effective by this new innovation that made it easier to bend and form flashing and trim. The Trim-A-Brake II™ builds on this legacy by becoming the most versatile utility brake out there. The time-tested bending brake has served thousands of window installers and exterior remodelers for generations. The lightweight design is perfect for contractors on the go. Great for bending basic shapes to trim out windows, doors, and much more. The simple design makes it easy for even the novice user to bend metal. 
  • Hinge pockets help prevent damage to the brake while scoring
  • Full loop handle provides uniform bending along entire piece
  • Material stops allow repeat bending without re-measuring
  • Design with a 3 ⁄ 8" x 13" working pocket
  • Available in lengths of 2’0", 4’6", 6’6", 8’6", 10’6", and 12’6"
  • Stand sold separately
Model : T1050
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