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Van Mark Mark I Series™ 10'6" Siding Brake M10
The original Mark I Series™ was introduced in 1983 and has established Van Mark as one of the most innovative companies for the siding and roofing industry. The launch of the Mark I Series™ introduced the Cam-Locking system and offered contractors a durable and virtually maintenance-free material locking method. The current version of the Mark I Series™ allows the same performance and longevity as the previous versions; and now includes the ability to use accessories like the TrimCutter™ and TrimFormer™. Versatile in its ability to perform various complex bending profiles with ease. Go from bending simple flashing to intricate outside corner posts without making any adjustments to the bending brake.
  • POWERlock™ provides a strong clamping without need for adjusting when changing material.
  • Traditional hinge system to "auto-measure" 3 ⁄ 4" hem, great for fitting over standard “One by” lumber and siding.
  • Increased bending radius simplifies hemming & over-bending resulting in faster, easier operations.
  • Available in lengths of 2’0", 4’6", 6’6", 8’6", 10’6", and 12’6".
  • Stand sold separately
Model : M1060
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