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Van Mark TrimFormer™
The TrimFormer™ has been the tool that has taken ordinary trim work to the next level. Trim and fascia now become beautiful architectural elements. In addition to aesthetics, the TrimFormer™ also strengthens materials for a rigidity over long lengths. Comes standard with a Rib Form die to add strength and distinction to profiles. Great addition to strengthen your fascia. The Brick Mold die allows user to design the aluminum trim to fit over existing window casing. It adds a similar look as casing and keeps the user from repainting the wood. 
  • Works with current Cam-Locking bending brakes built in 2000 or newer. For help with your brake’s year, please contact Van Mark at 800-826-6275 to verify adaptability.
  • Comes standard with Rib Forming and Brick Mold dies
    • Tool attaches to the bending brake assure accurate profiles for the full length
    • 4-Point Track System keeps tool on course reducing slip-offs
    • Low-Profile Handle - Directs applied pressure into the brake to ensure an accurate forming without the tool jumping off the track.
    • Solid, non-marring profile dies - Dies are made from durable, smooth, high-density plastics that protects material and paint during forming.
  • Optional Crown Molding & Bead Form Dies Available - Add beauty to any fascia or trim pieces by adding a Crown Molding profile to your TrimFormer die collection. Add strength and rigidity to material by using the Bead Form die.
Model : 3015
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