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L.M. Scofield 5 Gallon Weathered Bronze Chemstain
  • To add beautiful translucent special effects to concrete.
  • The reactive, penetrating concrete stain creates unique, permanent concrete color effects.
  • The antique, mottled, variegated patina is ideal for exterior hardscapes, interior floors, or artificial rock and water features.
  • Penetrates and permanently stains new or existing concrete and cementitious toppings and wears only as the concrete wears.
  • The eight standard concrete colors can be used in conjunction with other Scofield concrete coloring systems to achieve infinite multicolored effects.
  • Multiple applications intensify colors.
  • Infinite multicolored effects can be achieved by either layering the colors or applying the stains over other Scofield coloring systems or colored cementitious toppings.
  • It contains no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and meets stringent air quality management regulations.
Model : CS-12-5
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