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Bosch 9" Large Angle Grinder with No Lock-On
  • 15 Amps, 6,000 RPM
  • Vibration Control Side and Main Handles — Reduces vibration up to 60%, providing uncompromising user comfort for extended periods of work
  • Tool-free Adjustment Guard — Quick guard installation and adjustments
  • Metal Gear Cover — Maximum durability
  • Deadman Switch - No lock-on
  • Service Minder™ brushes — eliminates guesswork, stops the tool when preventive maintenance is required
  • AC/DC capability — Extends the versatility of the tool by working from DC outlets such as welders and generators
  • Precision spiral bevel gears — Quality engineering and construction for smooth power transmission
  • Epoxy-coated Field Windings — Provides ultimate protection against abrasaive dust and metal debris
  • Includes: Wheel guard and vibration control auxiliary handle
Model : 1893-6D
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