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Karcher Metal & Painted Surfaces Cleaner 1 Quart
Kärcher Graffiti Remover products are easy-to-apply liquid formulas with deep penetrating action designed for use on many surfaces. There are three strong, fast-acting product formulations that safely penetrate and loosen the graffiti making it easy to remove. No extended soak time is needed and Kärcher Graffiti Remover can be applied and re-applied to wet surfaces without waiting to dry first, as is the case with other graffiti remover

Metal Saver is an easy to use biodegradable, liquid cleaning agent designed for use on pre-finished metal and powder-coated surfaces such as overhead doors, color bonded fencing, mail boxes, traffic signal boxes, painted metal and other types of metal surfaces.
  • Easy to Use: Rinses easily with a pressure washer
  • Fast Acting: Only 60 seconds activation time; minimal soaking
  • Compatible: Can be applied or re-applied to wet surfaces

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Model : 8.749-832.0
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