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Karcher Brick, Masonry & Concrete Cleaner 1 Quart
Kärcher Graffiti Remover products are easy-to-apply liquid formulas with deep penetrating action designed for use on many surfaces. There are three strong, fast-acting product formulations that safely penetrate and loosen the graffiti making it easy to remove. No extended soak time is needed and Kärcher Graffiti Remover can be applied and re-applied to wet surfaces without waiting to dry first, as is the case with other graffiti remover

This unique product formulation re-liquefies and dissolves spray paint and marker tracks within seconds. No extended soak time is needed and it can be re-applied to wet surfaces as needed, without waiting for the surface to dry.
  • Effective: Removes graffiti from most surfaces
  • Fast Acting: 60-90 sec. activation time; no extended soaking needed
  • Compatible: Can be applied or re-applied to wet surfaces

Data Sheet

Model : 8.749-827.0
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