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Republic 3068 Style M Insulated Door

Republic´s DM series doors are available in 18 or 20 gauge cold rolled steel or galvanealed (A60) steel. Republic´s “McKenzie Edge” lock edge is continuously lap seam welded and planished, providing a near seamless appearance - SDI levels 1 and 2 - Physical performance level A.


  • 1 ¾" (44.4) full flush design, rated for light to extra heavy-duty use
  • ¾" (19) cell honeycomb core 100% bonded to skins to provide exceptional strength and flatness
  • Hinge edge is non-beveled and reinforced with a full height 16 gauge steel channel projection welded at a maximum of 5" on center with an additional 9 gauge reinforcement plate at each hinge location, providing more than 3/16" (5) of total reinforcement
  • 16 gauge flush top and inverted bottom channels projection welded to both skins every 2 ½" on center
  • Doors are prepared for 4 ½" standard or heavy weight, full mortise template hinges
  • Non-handed design (square lock edge)
  • Come standard with 1 ½ hour mylar Underwriters Laboratories fire label
  • Doors are thoroughly cleaned, phosphatized, and primed with a coat of force cured rust inhibiting primer that meets and/or exceeds the requirements of ANSI A250.10 (120 hour continuous salt spray test per ASTM B117 and 240 hour continuous humidity test per ASTM D4585)
  • Doors are individually packaged and fully plastic wrapped to prevent damage

Available Options

  • 14 gauge closer reinforcement (standard option)
  • 12 gauge closer reinforcement
  • A60 galvanealed steel
  • Finish paint (Republic standard and custom colors)
  • Standard cylindrical or mortised lock hardware
Model : DM4203068FCH
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