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SpecChem 5 Gallon Surface Shine EX High-Gloss, Low VOC Acrylic Sealer
High-gloss, low VOC acrylic sealer (ASTM C-1315 Class A)

SURFACE SHINE EX is a VOC compliant, high gloss, non-yellowing acrylic polymer engineered as a cure and seal specifically for exterior surfaces such as exposed aggregate, natural stone, brick, quarry tile, terrazzo, and other concrete surfaces. SURFACE SHINE EX is formulated with a unique solvent blend allowing fast-drying, solvent-base performance along with VOC compliance in the OTC/LADCO/MRPO regions. 
  • Beautifies and protects stamped concrete, acid stained concrete, integrally colored concrete, and exposed aggregate  
  • Protects sealed surfaces from damaging effects of deicing salts and acid rain 
  • Provides resistance to abrasion and a wide range of chemicals and oils 
  • Will not yellow under extreme UV exposure 
  • Acts as a binder to minimize aggregate pop-out and minimizes efflorescence
SURFACE SHINE EX dries much faster than standard solvent –based product. SURFACE SHINE EX should not be applied on hot surfaces or in direct sunlight as this could cause rapid evaporation and will not allow the film to form properly. Under these conditions the film may bubble, peel and/or blush. Tip: If spraying SURFACE SHINE EX keep pressure in pump up sprayers as high as possible to ensure a steady and even spray pattern. Maintain the sprayer tip near the concrete surface, within 12 inches.

Concrete surface must be clean, dry, and free of all stains, oil, grease, dirt, and incompatible coatings prior to application.  

Apply with a sprayer or roller in uniform thin films; spray apply for best results. Only one coat of SURFACE SHINE EX is needed to seal, beautify, and protect. For increased gloss, a second coat may be applied. Allow the first coat to thoroughly dry before the second coat is applied, typically 4 – 6 hours. Two thin coats will produce a better gloss than one heavy coat, especially on porous substrates.

 Apply in accordance with recommended coverage rates.  Coverage may vary due to porosity and conditions of the concrete. 
Concrete: 200 – 400 sq ft / gal 
Exposed aggregate: 200 – 300 sq ft / gal 
Brick, stucco, etc.: 200 – 300 sq ft / gal 

As the porosity of exposed aggregate, brick, and other surfaces varies greatly, test panels should be made to determine the suitability of this product and the number of coats required to achieve the desired results.  An application of SURFACE SHINE EX will renovate existing concrete, brick or terrazzo floors. These surfaces will be brighter and easier to clean and maintain.

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Model : SSHINEEX-5
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