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SpecChem Crystal Shine High Gloss Laquer-Based Sealer 1 Gallon

High gloss lacquer-based sealer 

CRYSTAL SHINE is a lacquer sealer developed for interior and exterior applications, including exposed aggregate and other decorative concrete surfaces.     
CRYSTAL SHINE provides a clear protective coating that brings out the radiance and luster of all natural aggregate and preserves a long lasting, durable finish. 
CRYSTAL SHINE is ideal for stained concrete,  exposed aggregate slabs, walkways, swimming pool decks and walls. Also available in a CRYSTAL SHINE HS (high solids) formula.

Features and Benefits:

  • Provides a crystal clear membrane for new or old concrete for improved durability
  • Seals all concrete surfaces, providing a glossy appearance and easier clean-up 
  •  Dust proofs concrete with a tough, durable film 
  • Will not yellow under ultraviolet exposure 
  • Excellent blush resistance in damp areas

Surface Preparation -  The concrete surface must be clean and free of standing water. Remove any sealer or other material that may prevent adhesion of CRYSTAL SHINE.  
Application to Fresh Concrete  - Apply at a uniform coverage by spray at 250-350 sq ft /gal.   Product may be sprayed with a hand held “pump-up” sprayer or an airless industrial sprayer. Best result are achieved when spray applied. If roller applied, use a short napped solvent resistant sleeve and avoid entrapping air (bubbles) 
When an extra high gloss is desired or on especially porous surfaces, two applications are recommended.  Allow the first application to dry for 1-3 hours or until surface is dry to the touch. 
Sealing Existing Concrete - the surface must be thoroughly cleaned and dried before applying CRYSTAL SHINE. Pressure washing with a strong alkaline detergent to remove dirt, waxes and oils is recommended.  Acids will not sufficiently clean or remove dirt, curing compounds, or old sealer from concrete. Worn or porous areas may need a second application for uniform sealing and appearance.  Allow 24 hours before 2nd application of sealer. In general, multiple thin coats (250 - 350 sq ft/gal) will provide a harder, more durable finish than a single heavy application. Dry time will be influenced by both temperature and humidity. 

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Model : CSHINE-1
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