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Multilift TS-050 26' E-Z Lift Electric Towable Troughing-Slider Conveyor
 *Picture does not show the included mini cleated belt

The E-Z LIFT Troughing-Slider Conveyor is a medium duty conveyor designed to move loose and packaged materials at inclines up to 30 degrees. The conveyor’s unique combination slider/roller bed makes it E-Z LIFT'S most versatile belt conveyor. Reversible, this conveyor can quickly move materials in and out!

Typical uses include:
Dirt, gravel, sand, aggregates, grain, powders, cement, coal, and sludges. Cartons, shingles, firewood, rolls, and more!

Features include:
  • Heavy duty 2 ply rubber covered belt with
  • 2” high cleats on 48” centers
  • Combination slider/roller bed
  • 7/8” O.D. high strength steel tubing truss frame
  • Approximate 120 FPM belt speed
  • Conveyor belt take-up adjustments
  • Self cleaning drive and idler belt pulleys
  • Drive mounted at side of discharge end
  • For electric motor – direct drive speed reducer
  • For gas engine – internal V-belt and roller chain reduction and safety guards
  • Operating, maintenance, and safety instructions
  • 1.5 HP 115V Motor
  • Includes: hopper, dolly & hitch assembly, 14” wide mini cleated belt and start/stop switch
Model : 73-14
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