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JetCoat Premium Elastomeric Pourable Driveway Crack Sealant 0.9 Gallon Jug
Polymer Modified Asphalt Emulsion Based Crack Sealant
  • Elastomeric Formula for Outstanding Flexibility & Adhesion
  • Fills & Seals Cracks in Asphalt Driveways
  • Seals Out Moisture
  • High Solids Formula for Lasting Repair
  • Dries Black
For estimation purposes, up to 150 lineal feet per gallon for cracks ½” x ¼” deep. 

JETCOAT Premium Elastomeric Pourable Driveway Crack Sealant is a premium grade, highly rubberized asphalt emulsion, modified with plasticizers to achieve greater flexibility. Designed for filling pavement cracks up to 3/4” in width, in asphaltic as well as concrete surfaces. JETCOAT Premium Elastomeric Pourable Driveway Crack Sealant has resilient characteristics that can allow self healing quality or memory. It has excellent low temperature durability, no high temperature tracking problem and is fast drying. It is ready to use on parking lots, airports, athletic courts, driveways, traffic safety islands, playgrounds, and walkways.

Filling Cracks in Asphalt Pavement

Shake well before using. Using pour spout, pour product into crack slightly above surface level. Material may settle, requiring a second application. Always allow 24 hours between applications.

Depending on weather conditions, Crack Sealant will develop a skinned surface that may be opened to traffic in 1 to 12 hours. However, to assure a traffic-resistant surface, the pavement should be closed to traffic for 12 to 24 hours from application. Always test for trafficability before opening for regular use.

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Model : 23751
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