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Benner-Nawman Combination Rebar Cutter/Bender DBC-16H
The DBC-16H Combination Rebar Cutter/Bender is another innovative & quality tool from Benner-Nawman, Inc. This portable combination tool provides jobsite cutting and bending of rebar (reinforcing steel) all in one tool. The unique design of this combination unit provides the operator the ability to cut and bend rebar for in-place rebar or stationary fabrication applications. Now you have the ability to cut and bend rebar protruding from a wall or column or just fabricate what you need on a table. Our powerful electric/hydraulic design is for heavy-duty #5 (16 mm) grade 60 rebar cutting and bending. Our competitions' electric/mechanical design is a medium-duty tool. Our in-place rebar forming ability and heavy-duty rating are features the competitors just can not match. It's fast and easy to use, there is no changing of attachments, bends rebar up to 180 degrees. This tool was built with the quality & reliability you would expect from Benner-Nawman. This tool was named as one of the most innovative products at the 2008 World of Concrete Exposition and will save you time and money doing on-site fabrication. We include a steel carrying case, tool kit, hydraulic oil, operations manual, and a one year parts and labor warranty.
  • Cut up to #5 Grade 60
  • Bend up to #5 Grade 60
  • Cut speed: 3 seconds
  • Bend Speed: 180 degree bend in 7 seconds
  • Center Roller: 2.42" diameter
  • Power Supply:  Electric motor 115v, 50/60 Hz –10 amps, 1,050 Watt 
  • Weight: 40 lbs.

Model : DBC-16H
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