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Tremco Vulkem Primer No. 171 Quart
Usage: Porous surfaces, urethane sealants, Vulkem Coating Systems and TREMproof membranes. Quick-drying, one-part, moisture-curing primer. It is used as an adhesion promoter for Vulkem brand urethane sealants and coatings and TREMproof membranes on porous surfaces such as concrete and wood.
  • Apply generously with a clean brush or roller. Do not apply in excess where it will puddle or pond.
  • At 70ºF (21°C), allow 30-45 minutes for primer to become tacky before applying sealant, coating or membrane. Do not allow primer to dry completely.
  • Do not apply sealant or coating if primer becomes hard or glossy. If it does, clean with a Tremco approved solvent and coat with Vulkem Primer No. 191.
  • Coverage Rate: 100 - 600 sq.ft./gal.
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Model : 271171817
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