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Stego Mastic 5 Gallon
  • Stego Mastic is designed to be used as a waterproofing and vapor retardant membrane for use in conjunction with Stego Wrap 10-mil and 15-mil Vapor Retarder/Barrier.
  • Stego Mastic can be used as an alternate to boots for pipe penetrations in Stego Wrap Vapor Barrier.
  • Stego Mastic can also be used as a primary waterproofing for below grade walls.
  • Stego Mastic is a medium-viscosity, water-based, polymer-modified anionic bitumin-ous/asphalt emulsion, which exhibits bonding, elongation and water-proofing characteristics.
  • Stego Mastic comes in five-gallon buckets.
  • ASTM D 412
  • ASTM E 154
  • ASTM G 23
  • ASTM E 96
  • ASTM D 751
  • ASTM D 1434
  • ASTM C 836
  • ASTM E 1643
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Model : 13900SM
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