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W R Meadows MEL-PRIME™ Solvent-Based VOC Adhesive
MEL-PRIME is a solvent-based, ready-to-use adhesive for W. R. MEADOWS membrane systems.  It is red to reddish-brown in color. 

MEL-PRIME simultaneously prepares and dustproofs new and old and vertical and horizontal surfaces in one easy, economical operation. MEL-PRIME is designed for surfaces to receive waterproofing and air/vapor barrier systems from W. R. MEADOWS.  Use MEL-PRIME on surfaces to receive applications of MEL-ROL®, MEL-ROL PRECON, MEL-DEK™, AIR-SHIELD™ and/or AIR-SHIELD THRU-WALL FLASHING from W. R. MEADOWS.

  • High solids for optimum performance.
  • Ready to use ... no mixing or dilution required.
  • For exterior vertical and horizontal applications.
Tech Data Sheet
Model : 015160005
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