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Igloo 2 Gallon Water Cooler
  • Rugged, durable Igloo 400 Series Industrial Strength Water Coolers keep water cold, clean and available.
  • Built for the Real World, the 400 Series takes the abuse of the toughest job site and the most punishing work crews.
  • Red and Yellow high visibility safety colors.
  • HDPE hide won't chip, peel, buckle or rust.
  • Ultratherm insulation for maximum cold retention.
  • UV stabilizers prevent fading, cracking in all exposures.
  • White FDA Grade inner liner is easy to clean and resists stains and odors.
  • Wide mouth pressure fit lid for easy filling. Keeper cord prevents lid loss.
  • Reinforced handles and cup dispenser bracket.
  • "Drinking Water" imprint meets OSHA requirements.
  • All parts are replaceable for extended life.
  • Product Dims: L11.5" x W14.75"
  • Capacity: 2 Gal. (7.6L)
Model : 421
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