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Milwaukee 12 Piece Sawzall Blade Set

The Milwaukee Advantage

The Milwaukee® 12 piece Sawzall® blade set features an assortment of our most popular demolition blades for a broad range of professional applications. Milwaukee® demolition blades are thicker for maximum durability and taller for straighter cuts. The set features The Ax™ for cutting nail embedded wood, The Wrecker™ for general purpose demolition cutting, and The Torch® for metal cutting. The set also includes an innovative job site durable case for convenient blade storage

  • Includes New wood blades featuring NAIL GUARD ™ and FANG TIP ™
  • The FANG TIP ™ design bites into wood on first contact for faster plunging.
  • Thicker blade stock for maximum durability.
  • 1" tall blade profile for straighter cuts.
  • Double relief angle reduces tooth stress for long life.
  • Matrix II bi-metal teeth for greater durability.
  • Jobsite durable storage case adjusts to hold up to 9" blades.
  • Two (2), 6" 8 TPI The Wrecker™ blades
  • Four (4) 6" 18 TPI The Torch® blades
  • Two (2) 6" 5/8 TPI The Ax™ blades
  • Two (2) 9" 5/8 TPI The Ax™ blades
  • Two (2) 9" 14 TPI The Torch® blades
  • One (1) Storage Container
Model : 49-22-1129
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