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North American Signal Co. Amber 625 Series Strobe Light
  • The 625 lights are a bright, powerful, economical, line of multi-voltage quad flash and double flash strobe lights.
  • The Q625 features 75 quad FPM for an exceptional attention getting display.
  • The 625 series comes standard with a black ABS plastic base and fresnel lens.
  • The 625 lights have an optional flange mount base and/or 6" tall dome for greater light output and a higher profile.
  • Magnet mount versions include a 75 lb. pull magnet and a 15' coiled cord & cigarette lighter plug with a built in ON/OFF switch.
  • 75 QF fashes per minute
  • 825 candelas/second light output
  • 5.5" diameter
  • 4.5" height
Model : Q625MA
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