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Monarch 15 X 16 8" Vinyl Buck w/ Sash Slider Unit
  • Pour in place.
  • Insulated glass.
  • Both sash removable and fully weatherstripped.
  • Replaceable sill track.
  • Cam type center mounted locking system.
  • Sloped sill for proper drainage.
  • Deep sash pocket for weather-tight seal.
  • Entire unit width dimension of 30-1/2" or 48".
  • Entire unit height dimension of 12" (15/12), 16" (15/16), and 20" (15/20) or 46-1/2" for Picture Window.
  • Pre-finished white aluminum frame and fiberglass screen.
  • Removable wood bracing inside vinyl frame.
  • Interior and exterior face of unit poly protected.
  • Unique frame design allows concrete to bond unit to wall.
  • Hanging brackets and cones optional.
  • Unit comes with sash installed except for picture window size.
Model : 70061
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