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Access Tile Tactile Systems 2' x 5' Surface Applied Red Tactile Panel

Access Tile’s Surface Applied tile is engineered to successfully upgrade any existing surface to comply with Federally mandated detectable warning requirements.

ADA compliance

  • 2.35″ center-to-center, in-line dome spacing meets ADA Federal and State requirements
  • Truncated dome size and spacing compliant with ADA Federal and State requirements, 0.9″ base and 0.45″ top diameter
  • Fully complies with all ADA and OHSA requirements for surface height transitions to eliminate trip hazards
  • Consistent dome spacing when tiles are adjoined (side-by-side or end-to-end)
  • Wide in-line dome configuration facilitates a smooth rolling transition for strollers, wheelchairs and walkers

ASTM & UL testing

  • Tensile Strength ASTM D 638
  • Flexural Strength ASTM D 790
  • Compressive Strength ASTM D 695
  • Accelerated Weathering ASTM G 155
  • Slip Resistance ASTM C 1028
  • Flame Spread Index ASTM E 84

Intelligent design features

  • Audible detectability technology engineered for sound amplification
  • Engineered load transfer design with bosses located directly under domes transfer loads directly to substrate
  • Bevelled perimeter edge meets ADA vertical displacement requirements
  • Strategically placed pre-formed fastener hole locations enhance installation integrity and provide easy installation
  • Tiles shipped with color-matched fasteners
  • Adhesive location identified on reverse side of tile for easy, error-free installation
  • Tactile Bond/Sealant is available through all our authorized distributors. The system is designed and tested to be both a structural adhesive and perimeter edge sealant.
  • Interactive sizes – all tiles maintain pattern repeat when mounted side-to-side or top-to-bottom
Other custom sizes and colors may be available

Click here for Federal Standards

Model : ACC-S-2460
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