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Milwaukee 29pc Shockwave™ Driver Bit Set
Milwaukee® Shockwave Impact Duty™ Driver Bits are engineered for extreme durability and up to 10x life. Made from proprietary steel and heat treated to control hardness, the Shockwave Impact Duty™ Driver Bits feature an innovatively designed geometric shock absorption zone to extend life. The forged tip allows for a secure grip and maximum contact eliminating stripping or slipping. Broadly targeting cordless users, the Shockwave™ Impact Duty accessory line is not only ideal for heavy duty impact applications, but delivers a full system solution for all the user's drilling and fastening needs.   
  • Geometric design provides the shock absorption
  • Proprietary steel and heat treat process for maximum strength and durability
  • Forged tips for maximum grip


  • Phillips Bits: 1" - (1) P1, (7) P2, (2) P3; 2" Power - (2) P2, (1) P3
  • Square Bits: 1" - (1) SQ1, (4) SQ2, (1) SQ3; 2" Power - (2) SQ2
  • Torx® Bits: 1" - (1) T15, (1) T20, (1) T25; 2" Power - (1) T25
  • Magnetic Nut Drivers: (1) 1/4" Red, (1) 5/16" Amber, (1) 3/8" Blue
  • (1) Magnetic Bit Holder
  • (1) Case with Bulk Storage Container
Model : 48-32-4401
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