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Steel Dog RC-6 Resi-Coil™ Adjustable Coil Tie
  • Multipurpose tie for 1-1/8" plywood form systems
  • Standard residential snap tie on one end--½” coil rod adapter on the other
  • Snaps off like normal tie
  • Low cost solution for one-sided forming and adjustable-length ties
  • Welded to rigorous standards using computer-controlled equipment: each RC is as strong as a standard wall tie
  • 2500 lbs Safe Working Load (2-to-1 safety factor)

Make any-length ties at the job site

  • Use standard ½” coil rod and a pair of Resi-Coil™ Ties to create ties of any length with off-the-shelf components.
  • Save time and set-up charges for custom-length ties.
  • Since RC’s are manufactured in a tightly-controlled process, you are assured of an adjustable long tie that is as strong as a standard tie (2500lbs SWL).
  • Don’t take chances on field-welded ties or other make-do measures.
  • Always keep RC’s on hand for the security of having a tie of any length when you need it.

Ideal for:

Battered walls
Machine Bases
Unusual forming situations
Mass pours

One-sided forming made easy

  • Resi-Coil™ Ties and short lengths of ½” coil rod allow you to quickly anchor forming panels onto existing structures.
  • Use drop-in anchors, epoxy, or rock anchors to attach to concrete, rock, or masonry walls.
  • Other standard ½” coil rod hardware (toggle bolts, plate washers and nuts, etc.) can be used to secure to sheet piling, plywood, or other materials
  • The RC’s design simplifies the process of setting up forms for a one-sided wall.
  • Since the tie is precisely in line with the coil rod, just drill holes at locations on the existing wall corresponding to tie locations on the forms.
Model : RC-6
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