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Steel Dog BT-10 TieBreaker

A premium tool for snapping off the ends of 1-1/8" residential wall ties.

Most break-off tools for the 1-1/8" form contractor are made by putting a notch and a bend in a piece of flat bar and calling it a day. For such an often-used tool, this never seemed right to us. So we started from scratch, and designed the BT-10 TieBreaker, a totally new, premium-quality tool which has been widely praised and imperfectly imitated since we introduced it in 1998.

  • The key feature is a special three-slot, alloy steel tool head--made from the same steel in fine chisels--carefully through-hardened to give it the wear resistance and toughness to strip many hundreds of foundations.
  • Angled side slots make it easier to reach both high and low ties.
  • A strong, lightweight tubular steel handle provides plenty of leverage without adding unneccessary weight.
  • A soft, non-slip vinyl grip is easy on the hands and its bright color makes it harder to lose.

Model : BT-10
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